Pyramid DSP Series 10kVA to 40kVA


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On-Line “Double Conversion” Technology, DSP Controlled IGBT Rectifier UPS

IGBT Rectifier
Real Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled transformerless design
Input Power Factor Correction PFC(>0,9 )
Low Total Harmonic Distortion Level (THDi ≤ 4%)
High Efficiency (up to 94%)
Wide Input Voltage Range
Generator Compatible Operation
Evolution and redundancy guaranteed by on site Modular Parallel Systems
Intelligent battery management system extends the lifetime of batteries
Static and Manual Bypass
Optional Galvanic isolation transformer
Communication with computers and network systems with SNMP availability
Expandable battery blocks
Low installation and operating costs


•  Splitt by-pass
•  Parallel Kit
•  Drawer Type Internal Battery Shelves 10 - 30kVA
•  Special Battery Connection Cable for Drawer Type Shelves
Battery Cabinets
UPS looking battery Cabinets (different battery configuration available)
•  V14, V15, V24, V33, V34 
Eco Cabinets (different battery configurations available)
•  BC00, BC10, BC20, BC30, BC40, BC50, BC6


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 Pyramid DSP Series 10kVA to 40kVA