Saver Plus DSP Series 15kVA to 20kVA


Mô tả

On-Line “Double Conversion” Technology
3Phase in / 1Phase out - 15kVA to 20kVA
- On-line ‘double conversion’ technology
- Real Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled, IGBT technology
- Wide input voltage range (140V-480V)
- Input Power Factor Correction PFC (>0,97)
- Intelligent Battery Management System extends the life time of batteries
- Transformerless Design
- Small Dimensions
- Artificial intelligence algorithms to improve reliability and technical performance
- Manual Bypass
- LCD display
- RS 232 and relay interface
- Management and monitoring software available for all operating systems and SNMP support


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 Saver Plus DSP Series 15kVA to 20kVA